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Convertible cars for sale

Discover the thrill of driving with the top down with a convertible car. Whether it’s always been a childhood dream or you’re embracing a newfound passion, we have an excellent selection of convertibles for sale in NZ. Check out our impressive range below.

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Why are Convertibles Worth It?

There's Nothing Quite as Cool

Few things are quite as cool as a convertible. From boxy jeeps to sleek and sporty models, there's something to suit every style. It’s no surprise every kid dreams of owning one!

Enjoy Each and Every Trip Like Never Before

With the roof down, you can see the world around you better. Your sense of place and direction will improve immediately, which holds practical benefits while driving. What better way to take the scenic route than with the unencumbered 360-degree views of a convertible car?

Convertible Cars Boost Happiness

Driving with the top down simply makes you happier. And that's not just our opinion; it's a fact! Fiat, in partnership with Cranfield University, came up with a testing model to determine whether convertibles really do make people happier.

The results? People, on average, had at least 6% more pep in their step when driving with the top down. There was also a hefty drop in heart rate fluctuations, a strong indicator of lower stress levels. So, the facts are in: a convertible may very well be good for your health.

The first time you drive a convertible car with the top down on a sunny day, it all makes sense. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin with our range of convertibles for sale.