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Hybrid cars for sale

Hybrid cars are no longer rarities on New Zealand roads; they are a full-blown eco-friendly force. With gas prices and greener consciences on the rise, there has never been a better time to buy a hybrid car. If the electric revolution has sparked your interest, but you aren’t quite ready to go fully electric, our range of hybrids represents a happy middle ground. Explore our range below.

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How do Hybrid Cars Work?

If you just want to dip your toes into the world of sustainable transport, hybrids are a great first step. Combining a battery pack and a standard motor gives you the best of both worlds! At low speeds, the battery pack does all the heavy lifting, getting your car moving, and once you reach higher speeds, the gas engine kicks in to give you that extra oomph.Why Buy a Hybrid Car?

Plenty of Green Benefits

Compared to standard gas guzzlers, hybrid versions of the same car offer plenty of green benefits. From lower emissions to better fuel efficiency, you can explore everything our country has to offer without destroying it in the process. For the carbon-conscious Kiwi, hybrid cars are the way to get around.

Spend Less at the Pump

Hybrids split driving duty between the electric and gas motor, so you'll spend far less at the pump. Starting from a standstill or cruising at lower speeds will be almost entirely electrically powered, so trips to the shop and your morning commute won't empty the tank. Your engine also won't have to work as hard, further improving your fuel economy.

No Need to Worry About Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is a huge hurdle for many of us when considering the switch to electric. Currently, charging infrastructure is lagging, and standard EV batteries don't always have enough juice to get you from point A to point B reliably. However, those worries will fly out the window if you buy a hybrid. With hybrid cars, you can always fall back on the gas motor to get you where you need to be.