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Collecting Your Car

We’ve made the process of collecting your car as easy and exciting as possible.

Giving You Peace of Mind

The Portage Team are dedicated to giving you a great driveway experience. Before you arrive to collect your car, we’ll carry out a final pre-delivery inspection, giving you that added peace of mind before you drive away in your new car.

Portage Collection Appointment

To keep your waiting time to a minimum, you’ll be allocated a collections appointment to pick up and collect your new car. We ask that you allocate an hour in your diary for this appointment so that we can ensure all the documentation has been completed and that you can safely drive away happy.

What to expect at your Car Collections Appointment

Your Documentation

On the day of your collections appointment you’ll need to come prepared with all your documentation otherwise we can’t transfer the car into your name. See below as to what to bring with you.

Your Collection Appointment

At the time of your appointment head to our collection Centre just behind Sales Area A. We’ll aim to serve you in no more than 10 minutes, but please do allow an hour to finalise your car purchase.

Transferring Ownership

Transferring ownership to you is the most important part. We’ll give you all the relevant documents including your service history, We’ll complete all documents quickly and efficiently.

Driveway Happy

Once you have settled your outstanding balance we’ll hand you the keys so you can drive away happy in your new car. At Portage Cars, it’s as simple as that.

Documents to Bring with You


Visit the Location Where Your Car is

Across our locations, we have hundreds of cars. Most of these cars are located undercover. This means that whatever the weather. you will be able to browse for your next car. View locations here


Bring your ID

Please remember to bring the following documents with you. Without them we won’t be able to transfer the car and release the vehicle to you: – Your valid NZ photo driving licence or your current passport – Two documents proving your current address dated within the last 3 months, for example a bank statement, council tax statement or any other utility bill. Please Note: We do not accept mobile phone bills as proof of address.


Payment and Insurance

When you are ready to purchase you can pay by: – Pre-Arranged Car Finance – NZ issued Debit Cards – Cash Payment With so much to sort out when you are buying a car, its important to sort out your insurance prior to leaving the showroom.


When collecting your car, we’ll need keys, bits, and pieces to ensure you are you and we aren’t giving your new car to Joe Blow. We need proof of identity, a valid driver’s license, finalised payment if not already completed, and finance documents if applicable. 

Before you can speed off in your new car, you’ll need to set a time and date to come and collect your car. Drop your salesperson a line, and they can arrange a timeframe that works for you. 

This one isn’t rocket science. When picking up your new car, you’ll need to grab it from the dealership you purchased it from. 

When paying for your new car, you can either pay on the day you pick it up or pay before pick up. However, we will need proof on the day of your prior payment. 

If you are financing your new car, you need a comprehensive insurance cover letter before driving away. However, if you purchase it outright, you won’t require any form of insurance, but we highly recommend organising it beforehand. You never know when an accident could happen!