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Contact the branch sales by phone or via email

Vehicle finance is a loan that customer are able to apply for and depending on their income

From my understanding you do not need a deposit however you can or either trade in your old vehicle. ETC applies

Sales can try different finance companies that we have or you may try to get a personal loan. However it would be a little hard

Car Insurance/ Mechanical Warranty

While standard vehicle insurance might cover theft and damage from accidents, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (sometimes known as engine breakdown insurance) can cover mechanical faults and repairs, like steering problems, engine repairs, electric battery replacements or auto-electrical issues. Also short for MBI

If it is under the MBI policy yes both would be covered and a stand by excess fees

An excess is the amount that you contribute to a claim. If you make a claim and it’s accepted, your insurer will pay the repair or replacement costs that are over your excess amount. Each excess could be different depending on the fault

Collecting Your Car

If this is before sale, just a normal just a normal procedure. PaperWorks have probably been done already you do not need to bring anything but some sort of payment way

This will be agreed upon with the sales

If this is before sale you go to the designated branch. If this was a after sale claim repair you need to follow the instructions given by after sale team

You can make a deposit once you have selected the car you like. Once our sale team has kindly registered the car they will advise you to collect the car you may pay at that time

We do suggest customers arrange a standard car insurance beforehand or at the spot by online just for their own safety purposes as everyone drives differently

After Sales Care

You’re able to make a claim with any sorts of matter submit the form

Portage cars provide one year free warranty to all new customers if customers are willing to add on their warranty which is MBI that’s totally up to them however finance customers do not have a choice they must buy MBI on the side

Under the consumers guarantee act really depends on the faults of the vehicle so I would say it’s probably within a year under different circumstances

If this is within a year you need to lodge a claim with Portage cars. If it is over a year it is best for you to directly contact your mechanical breakdown insurance company and they will guide you through that

We don’t really have a department for that. Customers are more than welcome to lodge a claim with portage cars after sales department we are happy to help out.