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Stationwagon cars for sale

Station wagons are soaring back in style in NZ thanks to their ability to balance practicality and performance with a healthy heaping of fun. Explore our range of station wagons for sale online.

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Why Wagons Are Back in Style

Plenty of Space to Boot!

If you tend to hoard and carry too much stuff, your best bet is to buy a car that can carry it all. Station wagons can comfortably fit your loved ones and all your gear in one car. The generous boot on wagons is big enough to accommodate various belongings.

Performance to Outclass Younger Models

Don't be fooled! Just because you can carry more in a station wagon, it doesn't mean you'll have to pay a penalty for performance. A wagon's low centre of gravity allows it to slip through the air and grip the road far better than most cars their size. They don't pack much weight either, which makes them surprisingly nimble for such a gangly-looking machine.

This design also comes in handy in the handling department. Toss one of these grocery-getters into a corner, and it responds quickly, staying connected to the road and your direction.

Amazing Fuel Savings

Wagons have a streamlined, lower body that creates smaller air resistance because their heavier parts are closer to the ground. This aerodynamic design not only helps with performance but helps at the pump, too. Less wind resistance and a lighter frame mean our range of station wagons for sale won’t guzzle down gas like a lot of large vehicles.