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The great takeover of SUV cars in NZ is well underway, and it’s not hard to see why. These brilliant all-rounders offer pace, space, and grace. From roading adventures to morning commutes, our range of SUV vehicles for sale will get you exactly where you need to go. Explore our range online today.

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Why are SUVs Taking Over New Zealand’s Roads?

Never Short on Space

Short of buying a van, you won't find more room in a ride than that of an SUV car. There's more than enough space to pack everything and everyone you love into one vehicle. With a high roof, low floor, and wagon frame, an SUV offers seemingly boundless headroom, legroom, and storage space. For a car that can fit the whole family without feeling like a bus, nothing beats an SUV.

Smooth Ride no Matter Where You Go

SUVs are the Swiss Army Knives of vehicles; you can take them on good roads, bad roads, or places with no roads at all! They'll handle them all in stride.

The height of SUVs combined with longer suspension travel grants a certain level of insulation against potholes, gravel roads, and the occasional kerb. This suspension not only saves your bum from bumps but protects the car. SUVs are a jack of all terrains - a vehicle that will get you exactly where you want to go.

Popularity Breeds Competition and You Reap the Rewards

Thanks to the growing popularity of SUV cars, there's now more competition amongst manufacturers vying for market share. This healthy competition has led to better prices and a wider range of options, with car makers carving out new niches within the segment. As a result, finding an SUV that meets your specific needs and preferences is easier than ever.