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Portage Cars Hawke’s Bay Car Dealership

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Portage Cars Hawke’s Bay car dealership is not your average dealership. We go above and beyond to provide you with an exceptional car-buying experience with our extensive range of cars for sale. Whether you’re into sleek sedans, zippy hatchbacks, or something more vintage, we’ve got you covered.

Worried you might not have enough cash to secure your dream ride? We offer safe, secure, same-day financing to get you behind the wheel. Life’s too short for a bad ride; swing by our Hawke’s Bay car yard and stay smiling mile after mile.

The Portage Process


Step 1: Identify Your Needs

Let's hear about your dream ride! Tell us what you need, from the ideal make and model to the must-have features and price range. Our Hawke’s Bay car dealership team will use this information to match you with the perfect vehicle.


Step 2: Explore Your Options

Look at our range online from the comfort of your couch, or visit our Hawke’s Bay car yard for a closer look. We're sure to have something that suits your needs; it's just a matter of finding it!


Step 3: Investigate Financing Solutions

If you're worried about affording your dream car, we're here to help. We provide various financing options that we'll discuss with you to find one that fits best for you.


Step 4: Navigate the Buying Process

Our Hawke’s Bay car dealership team will be your tour guide through the jungle of paperwork and due diligence involved with purchasing a new car. We take care of the boring stuff, so you don't have to!


Step 5: Experience Your New Car

Once you drive off the lot, we aren't going to leave you high and dry! We offer comprehensive after-sales service to ensure you enjoy your new wheels for years to come. 


Location & Contact

Portage Cars Hawke’s Bay Car Dealership

18 Hyderabad Road, Marewa, Napier

hawke’s bay car dealership Team

Yard Manager Blaine Barratt 0211525172

Sales Rep Alan Nind 0273565957

Group Sales Manager Jack Quigley 0211140882

General Manager Craig Rutherford 021542797

Opening Hours

Sunday By appointment, call 0211525172.

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Our Reviews

Bryan Johnson

3 days ago

Chopper and his boss were very helpful in making the deal work for us! We are so happy that we chose Portage Cars Penrose

Shailendra Sharma

5 days ago

It was a pleasure buying a car from Portage cars New Lynn. We were looked after by Sajan , a pleasant young man.He was polite and thoroughly professional. We never felt pressured to make a quick decision. I test drove 3 cars and finally bought one. I gladly recommend Portage cars New Lynn if you are looking for a vehicle. They have a wide range and while you are there ask for Sajan. He will look after you.


7 days ago

The process was very smooth and even delivered my car in my address. There was a transparent communication from the seller about pricing, financing options, and any additional fees. Moreover, I’ve experienced a good customer service; they were knowledgeable, attentive, and responsive to my needs and questions. They help me completes the paperwork efficiently and accurately. Overall, they prioritized customer satisfaction and streamlined their operations to make my purchase as easy and stress-free as possible.

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