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Our Car Insurance Policy

Get affordable Mechanical Insurance from only $695 per year.

Nothing will put a bee in your bonnet faster than your brand-new car breaking down right after you drive it off the lot. At Portage, our comprehensive car insurance policy will provide the peace of mind you need.

Can you afford the repair costs?
Check out some estimate repair examples here.

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Our Vehicle Insurance Partner

Portage Cars has partnered with one of New Zealand’s best and leading insurance companies, Janssen Insurance. Through our partnership, we offer our customers ironclad car insurance policies, allowing you to drive off with confidence!

Can you afford not to be covered?

Power Steering


A problem with your power steering will set you back a pretty penny. And unless you want to be slipping and sliding across the road, it’s not an issue you can ignore.

Engine Overhaul


If your engine is playing up, it might need a total overhaul. Pulling your engine apart and putting it back together takes a lot of time and even more money. That is unless you have a mechanical warranty!

Air Conditioning


A luxury for some, a necessity for others, and expensive to fix for all, repairing your car’s air conditioning system is a lot more expensive than you may think.

Central Locking


Unless you want someone driving off in your car, repairing your central locking system is a must. However, the price of this repair without a car insurance policy is almost enough for some owners to run the risk.

The above image, listed items and repair cost are just estimates., are for illustrative purpose only and can very depending on vehicle. Any mechanical breakdown claims are subject to terms and conditions of the policy. This is not financial advice.

Call us today on 0800 554 676.

Mechanical Warranty FAQs

While standard vehicle insurance might cover theft and damage from accidents, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (sometimes known as engine breakdown insurance) can cover mechanical faults and repairs, like steering problems, engine repairs, electric battery replacements, or auto-electrical issues. However, it’s important to note mechanical insurance will not cover standard wear and tear issues. Visit our car insurance policy page to learn more.

If labour and parts costs are under your mechanical breakdown insurance policy, then yes, both would be covered. The Portage Cars car insurance policy includes most parts, and larger mechanical parts and labour are fully covered.

An excess is the amount that you contribute to a claim. If you make a claim and it’s accepted, your insurer will pay the repair or replacement costs over your excess amount. Each excess could be different depending on the fault. Usually, excess costs will fall between $250-$100, depending on the policy.

Our car insurance policy will cost anywhere between [for 3 years $795 to $1695 ] depending on the vehicle and your chosen level of coverage. If you have any questions about our mechanical warranties and what option is best for you, drop our team a line, and we’ll be happy to help.

It sure can! One of our staff will be in touch before your current car insurance policy expires to discuss your extension options. You can extend your policy weekly, monthly, or fortnightly.