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Ute cars for sale

Utes have been loyally serving us for decades, whether on the farm, the worksite, or beyond. Portage Cars has an extensive range of utes for sale at affordable prices. Check out our selection below or visit one of our NZ car yards for a closer look.

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What Makes Utes Our Preferred Workhorses?

Carry Whatever You Need to Wherever It Needs to Go

The way utes are put together might be changing, but what they can do hasn't changed a bit. Utes are still the go-to method for carrying anything large and ungainly.

A ute’s tray can carry all kinds of things without dirtying up your interior. Once the job is done, it's easy to wash the tray out and tackle the next job ahead.

Better Visibility

Utes have a high riding position, providing great views of the road ahead. This improves your visibility on the road and allows you to see other road users better, increasing everyone's safety.

Battle Hardened Engine Power


The mechanical embodiment of "old man strength", utes are typically powered by diesel motors. These big torquey motors have the get-up-and-go necessary for the line of work utes are typically used for. Whether on the farm or on-site, these engines will give you the power you need.

Take it Off the Beaten Path


When you need to get off the beaten track, the four-wheel drive capabilities of a ute become invaluable. Four-wheel drive systems combined with a heavy frame and huge tyres means you can go anywhere and do anything with a ute.