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Should I Buy a Hybrid Car? Our Guide to Hybrid Vehicles

Should I buy a hybrid car – A sign for a hybrid charging station painted on the ground

As our collective consciousness turns a couple of shades greener, many of us are searching for ways to become more sustainable. At the crossroads of innovation and eco-conscious driving, hybrid cars have emerged as a compelling solution, blending the power of traditional engines with the efficiency of electric motors. 

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Should I buy a hybrid car?” we’ve created the ultimate guide to hybrids to ensure you make the right choice before joining the electric revolution. 

Types of Hybrid Cars

When deciding if you should buy a hybrid car, it’s important to understand the different types. Not all hybrids were built from the same battery, and knowing the differences will help you find the right ride for your lifestyle. There are three types of hybrid cars: parallel, range extender, and plug-in, each utilising hybrid power in its own way.

Parallel Hybrids

Imagine a Transformer seamlessly switching between forms. That’s how these hybrids roll. They can power the wheels using the engine alone, the electric motor, or a combination of both. If you’ve taken an Uber at any point in your life, you’ve most likely already experienced these bad boys in action in the form of the Toyota Prius.

At low speeds, parallel hybrids cruise on pure electric energy, making it perfect for stop-start city driving and saving the planet one trip to the Super at a time. As the pace picks up, the petrol engine kicks into action, ensuring you have the power you need for more demanding rides.

Range Extender Hybrids

With a range extender hybrid, your car’s engine isn’t just an engine; it’s a power generator for the electric motor. The BMW i3 with Range Extender is the poster child for this category. It’s like having your own power plant on wheels.

These hybrids only use their petrol engine to generate battery power; they never actually drive the car. Range extender hybrids are further categorised as either strong or mild, depending on the battery size. With a range extender hybrid, you’ll be inching ever closer to fully electric without having to plug in and charge up constantly.

Plug-in Hybrids

Plug-in hybrids are the multitaskers of the bunch. They can juice up via an outlet like a regular EV or charge the battery up while on the move via a motor. Think of plug-in hybrids as the halfway house between standard hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Although they still have petrol motors, these hybrids have much larger batteries than any other and can drive surprisingly long distances on electric power alone.

The standout in this class has to be the Lexus NX 450h. This electric all-star has a range of around 70km, longer than most, if not all, hybrids on the market today. For a daily runner that can also hit the open road from time to time, you won’t find anything better in the hybrid range.

The Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Economic Advantages of Hybrid Cars

Fuel Efficiency: Reducing Costs and Emissions

Hybrid cars boast unparalleled fuel efficiency, seamlessly transitioning between an electric motor and a gasoline engine. This dual mechanism means you won’t be guzzling gas while you toddle around and can avoid paying the price at the pump.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

Governments worldwide incentivise the purchase of hybrid cars by offering tax credits and rebates. These financial benefits are an attractive perk, offsetting the initial hefty investment and making hybrid vehicles a money-saving machine in the long run.

Environmental Impact

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By relying on electric power, hybrid cars aren’t spewing as much greenhouse gas as their fossilised counterparts. Reducing carbon emissions helps keep our planet cleaner and healthier and keeps the dream of a sustainable future alive. So, if you’re looking for a way to live more sustainably, you should buy a hybrid car.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Integrating hybrid technology minimises the car’s dependency on the finite fossil fuels their Jurassic counterparts rely on. This conservation effort is pivotal in ensuring a sustainable future by preserving valuable natural resources for future generations.

Enhanced Driving Experience

Silent Operation and Smooth Performance

The electric mode of hybrid cars ensures a quieter driving experience. The seamless transition between power sources provides a smooth and efficient ride, delivering a blend of power and peace unmatched by conventional vehicles.

Regenerative Braking Technology

Innovative regenerative braking systems convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, replenishing the battery. This system not only enhances efficiency but also prolongs the lifespan of the braking system, offering drivers a more durable and reliable vehicle.

Explore the Hoopla Surrounding Hybrids with Portage Cars

In today’s eco-conscious world, the choice of a vehicle extends beyond mere transportation. The rise of hybrid cars has sparked interest among Kiwis seeking a more sustainable and cost-effective driving experience. 

If you’re contemplating the question, “Should I buy a hybrid car?” get in touch with Portage Cars. We have an extensive range of cars for sale across New Zealand, including plenty of hybrids. Swing by one of our dealerships to find out more.


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