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How to Purchase a New Car: What You Need to Know

How to purchase a new car – A man handing the keys to a new car over

Buying a new car is both exciting and stressful. There are so many little things you need to think about, which means there are plenty of opportunities to trip up along the way. Everyone has a horror story of buying the wrong car that ruined their daily commute and bank account in one fell swoop. Don’t become another horror story! Use our guide on how to purchase a new car to ensure you avoid common mistakes when finding a new vehicle.

Set a Budget and Stick to It!

First things first, you’ll want to count your coin and set a budget, a realistic budget! Whether working with thousands or tens of thousands, knowing your budget will help guide your search for a new car and ensure you don’t find yourself in hot water financially.

Consider Financing

A great way to give your piggy bank a boost when buying a car is financing it. Financing your car will allow you to work with a slightly bigger budget than you may have and pay off the difference over time. Do your research on several financing options, chat with your bank, find out which dealers offer vehicle financing, and weigh up all your options. Just be sure that you can afford the monthly loan repayments.

New or New to You?

Will your new car be fresh off the factory floor or simply new to you? The choice between new and used will greatly impact the entire process of purchasing a new car. Buying a new car gives you modern equipment, a peace-of-mind warranty, and low upkeep costs. However, when you take ownership, the car’s value depreciates thousands of dollars. Opting for an older vehicle can generate more savings in the long run.

Find a Car That Suits Your Lifestyle

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to cars. There is a size, shape, and style for everyone. To narrow down the hundreds of search results and seemingly endless car lots, consider how you use your vehicle and what features are most important to you. Need extra space for your little rugrats or a big boot for your four-legged friends? What about towing power for lugging that boat around? These questions will help shape your search and ensure you choose a vehicle that matches and supports your unique needs.

Give it a Thorough Once Ove

Once you set your heart on a specific car, it’s time to brush up on your detective skills. Every car has a history; you can discover that history with a Vehicle Information Report (VIR). A VIR compiles data from various government and private databases, checking for concerns such as:

  • Money owing.
  • If it’s been reported stolen.
  • Suspect odometer readings.
  • Expired WoF.
  • Outstanding road user charges.
  • De-registrations.
  • NZ customs alerts.
  • And more.

Take the Car for a Test Spin

Along with VIR, you’ll want to give it a once over in person to double-check for any visual damage or mechanical issues. A test drive is always a good idea too. Make sure the car feels good to drive; you don’t want it to be uncomfortable. If you have kids, bring them along and make sure they’re comfy too. And don’t forget to check the steering, brakes, and handling.

Round Up the Necessary Paperwork

The car is only half the story when learning how to purchase a new car. Once the deal is done, you’ll need to organise plenty of paperwork and extras before the car is entirely yours and ready to hit the open road.

Organise Insurance

Our roads can be dangerous even for the most experienced driver, so arrange insurance for your new car before driving off with it. Driving an uninsured car is a risk not worth taking. It only takes about 10 minutes online and can save you a world of hassle.

Slap Your Name on the Car

After you’ve bought the vehicle, let the New Zealand Transport Agency know about the change of ownership. You’ll need to fill out an MR13B form as the buyer (the seller does an MR13A). You can do it online super fast or go to an NZ Post Shop and do it there.

The Only Thing Left to Do is Enjoy Your New Car!

After completing each step, the last thing to do is enjoy your new car! With this guide on how to purchase a new car, you can jump over every hurdle, hoop, and pitfall with ease. 
If you’re looking to buy a hybrid car in NZ or perhaps something a little faster, Portage Cars has you covered. Check out our range online today. 


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