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Most Economical Cars Available in New Zealand

Most economical cars NZ – Cars waiting in traffic

As we’re all getting bitten by the pump and purse strings are tightening across the country, the economy is perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying a car. In this guide, frugality meets the open road as we cover the most economical cars in New Zealand in 2023.

Nissan Leaf: Embracing the Future of Efficiency

As we all are getting a little green with sustainability, the Nissan Leaf has emerged as a pioneering force, symbolising the future of economical cars in NZ. As an EV car, the Leaf isn’t just a car; it’s a commitment to a greener tomorrow. Its sleek design is a blend of aesthetics and aerodynamics, contributing to its visual appeal and impressive range, ensuring that your road trips are as long as they are sustainable.

The Leaf stands as one of the most economical cars in NZ and the perfect choice for those embracing a sustainable lifestyle. With advancements in battery technology, this electric legend not only reduces your carbon footprint but presents a compelling case for long-term savings.

The Kiwi Dream Machine: Toyota Corolla

Bold, reliable, and fuel-efficient, the Toyota Corolla is a quintessential Kiwi dream machine. With its bullet-proof reputation for dependability and impressive fuel economy, it’s no wonder you’ll find Corollas navigating the streets from Auckland to Invercargill.

This sleek car isn’t just about looks; it’s a testament to dependability, conquering urban and rural roads. The Corolla stands out for its exceptional fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice. With a time-tested reputation, this car isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s a trusted companion, offering a driving experience that encapsulates the Kiwi spirit: bold, reliable, and economically savvy.

Mazda Demio: Small Size, Big Savings

When it comes to economical cars, compactness is often key. With the Mazda Demio, you’ll be squeezing every drop of efficiency out of these bite-sized vehicles.

In the realm of compact cars, the Mazda Demio stands tall as a true marvel of efficiency. The Demio’s small size becomes its biggest advantage as it effortlessly manoeuvres through tight city streets and snug parking spaces, all while delivering substantial savings at the pump.

The Mazda Demio’s compact design conceals a powerhouse of efficiency, proving that dynamite comes in small packages. It’s not just about its physical dimensions; it’s a testament to the innovative engineering that maximises fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

Toyota Prius: Bridging the Gap Between Fuel and Electricity

If you were to book an Uber right now, a Toyota Prius is likely to pull at your door, and there’s a reason for this! Hybrids like the Prius have bridged the gap between traditional fuel and electricity and become one of the most economical cars in NZ.

The Prius’ hybrid genetics allow it to deliver best-in-class fuel efficiency without compromising performance. Pair this with Toyota’s long-held reputation for durability, and you’ve got the makings of a fuel-efficient, near-indestructible vehicle. If you want to reap the electric benefits while still having the freedom that petrol power affords, the Toyota Prius is the most economical car for you

Most economical cars NZ - White Toyota Prius

Subaru Impreza: All-Wheel Drive, All-Savings

For those seeking assurance of all-wheel drive without compromising on savings, the Subaru Impreza is the go-to choice. This car offers the best of both worlds: the get-up-and-go to get anywhere you want to go and the fuel efficiency to ensure you get there without breaking the bank.

Its advanced symmetrical all-wheel-drive system enhances fuel economy while providing stability. The efficient Boxer engine contributes to lower running costs, and the car’s durable build minimises maintenance expenses. With a reputation for longevity, the Impreza offers a compelling combination of fuel savings and reliability, making it an economical choice for New Zealand drivers seeking a balance between cost-effectiveness and performance.

Volkswagen Polo: German Efficiency, Kiwi Affordability

Bringing a touch of German engineering to Kiwi roads, the Volkswagen Polo combines German efficiency with Kiwi affordability. It’s the best of both worlds, delivering a premium driving experience without the premium price tag.

The Polo’s efficient TSI engines practically sip fuel, while features like start-stop technology ensure your car takes a break when you do, saving every drop of petrol. Its aerodynamic profile isn’t just for show; it also further contributes to fuel efficiency, and its well-crafted interior ensures comfort without compromising efficiency. With a reputation for reliability and innovative engineering, the Volkswagen Polo emerges as a smart choice for Kiwi drivers seeking an economical car.

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Whether you’re a budget-conscious driver or just someone who appreciates a good deal, this list of the most economical cars in NZ will steer you in the right direction. From hybrid cars to SUVs, you’re sure to find a deal at Portage Cars. 


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