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When Does a Car Need a Service? Signs to Look for

When does a car need a service – Woman looking at her car’s engine

Cars, just like people, require regular check-ups to stay in good shape. But when does a car need a service? Along with our commitment to after-sales services for cars, we have created a comprehensive guide that will explore the signs that it’s time to schedule a service and give your ride a little tender love and care. 

Unresponsive Engine? Time to Act

Your car’s engine is its heart, and when it starts showing signs of distress, it’s a clear indicator that a service is due. If your engine struggles to start or you notice a decrease in power and acceleration, book that service appointment. Addressing engine issues promptly ensures your safety and contributes to the longevity of your vehicle. An expert mechanic can diagnose the problem and get your engine purring like new.

Mysterious Warning Lights? Get Them Checked

If your dashboard is lighting up like a Christmas tree, it doesn’t mean your car is in a particularly festive mood. It’s your car’s way of telling you something isn’t right. These lights are like your car’s internal communication system, alerting you to potential problems that may not be immediately visible. Whether it’s the check engine light or the oil pressure warning, don’t take chances. Heed their warning and take your car in for a service.

Hearing Unusual Noises? Investigate

If your car starts rumbling and grumbling at you, don’t just turn the radio up to drown out the noise; it’s time to get booked in for a service.

Strange, unexplained noises from under your car’s hood could indicate a range of issues, from minor problems like loose belts or worn bearings to more serious issues like a failing transmission or damaged exhaust system. Ignoring these noises can lead to more extensive damage, costly repairs, and even dangerous situations on the road.

When you hear unusual sounds, such as squealing or grinding as you apply your brakes, it’s your vehicle’s way of signalling potential trouble. These noises often indicate that your brake pads are worn down, and ignoring them can be risky. Over time, this can lead to more extensive damage to your braking system, including the rotors. Worse still, it compromises your safety on the road, affecting your ability to stop quickly in emergencies.

Unpleasant Odours in the Cabin? Don’t Tolerate

Unusual odours inside your car, such as musty smells or a burning scent, could be signs of problems with the air conditioning system, wiring, or other internal components. These issues can impact your comfort and, in some cases, your health. Don’t hesitate to schedule a service to identify and rectify the source of these odours.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency? Act Swiftly

A drop in fuel efficiency is one of the most noticeable signs that your car needs a service. If you find yourself visiting the gas station more frequently than usual, it’s time to get your vehicle checked. A decrease in mileage can result from various issues, including a clogged air filter, worn-out spark plugs, or fuel system problems. These issues can significantly impact your vehicle’s performance, so addressing them quickly is important.

Inconsistent Performance? Seek Professional Advice

We’re all guilty of stalling from time to time; we’re only human! However, if it is occurring more often than usual, you haven’t gotten worse at driving; your car probably just needs a service. A professional mechanic can diagnose the root cause and ensure your car runs smoothly.

Shaky Steering Wheel? Seek Assistance

If steering your car is becoming an upper body workout, it might indicate bigger issues than your poor upper body strength. A shaky or vibrating steering wheel can be disconcerting and potentially dangerous. This issue may be due to problems with your tires or suspension system. Addressing this as soon as possible is essential to ensure your car’s stability and safety while driving.

Give Your Car the Care it Deserves

Now that you know when a car needs a service, you can ensure your vehicle remains reliable, safe, and in good condition. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, be sure to book a service appointment as soon as possible.

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