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The Best Off-Roading Cars of 2023: Get Off the Beaten Track

Best off-road car – Off-roader spraying mud

Plenty of cars are vying to rule the automotive world. But not all of them can go anywhere; that privilege is reserved for true off-roaders. Whether it’s rock crawlers, desert pre-runners, or trail hounds, these vehicles all excel where the asphalt ends. Find a car fit for adventure with our list of the best off-road cars of 2023. 

Jeep Wrangler

The iconic Jeep Wrangler is for you if you’re after an off-roader with true blue American might. Roughly every Jeep has looked the same since they were ferrying soldiers around Normandy, but don’t let looks fool you. What’s under the hood makes the 2023 Wrangler a whole different beast.

Debuting with a range of new features, you’ll experience its new ladder frame, bodywork, interior, engines, and eight-speed automatic gearbox. The latest version is now lighter and more efficient, and it excels in addressing the time you spend on the road before flying off into the wild blue yonder.

That said, it’s still more than capable of conquering even the wildest terrains. The axles are solid, and low-ratio off-road gears and locking differentials make light work of tricky terrain. In short, the Wrangler is one of the best off-road cars for turning the wilderness into your playground.

Best off-road car - Car on top of a rocky hill

Land Rover Defender

Defender by name and nature, the Land Rover Defender may not come cheap, but it brings a longstanding history of off-roading excellence, making it one of the best off-roaders available today.

Despite its chunky body and tractor-like appearance, there’s nothing tractor-like about how it handles rugged terrain. The Defender has a remarkable ground clearance of 11.5 inches, allowing it to safely traverse through water up to 35.4 inches deep. It also features a special Drive mode that uses Wade Sensing technology to prevent damage.

The new Defender has impressive high-tech goodies like All-Terrain Progress Control and ClearSight Ground View. ClearSight is like cruise control for off-roading, giving you a live feed of the ground in front of you. These high-tech features have some second-guessing whether the new Defender is “too posh to be a real workhorse.” But for us, these features make the Land Rover Defender an off-road warrior that smashes mountains and mud puddles in style.

Ineos Grenadier

As the new kid on the block, the Ineos Grenadier takes serious inspiration from the Defender and G-Wagen. The Grenadier is paving its own beaten path towards becoming the best off-road car.  

Visually, no one’s reinventing the wheel here. Its unapologetically boxy frame maximises the interior space, while a wheel at each corner reduces overhangs, making off-roading easier and less expensive when things go wrong. The prominent wheel arches are constructed like that to allow for maximum axle articulation.

The Grenadier is a true example of fitness for purpose; each design choice has been made with adventure in mind. It is for people looking to barrel across all types of terrain and go places most other cars cannot.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Before the Mercedes-Benz G-Class became a must-have accessory for the rich and famous, the rugged SUV started life as a military vehicle. While you may be more likely to find a G-Wagon parked outside of a Starbucks than up a mountain, traces of its past can be found in its remaining off-roading capability.

Boasting three locking differentials, a two-speed transfer case, and a G mode that alters the powertrain, traction, and control systems, the G-Wagon comes with a laundry list of features that keep it one of the best off-roading vehicles around.

Throw an absurdly powerful V8 engine into the mix, and you have an excellent recipe for tackling any adventure. More street savvy than most alternatives, the G-Wagon is an off-roader allrounder that works hard, plays hard, and takes you wherever you need to go.

Answer the Call to Adventure with Portage Cars

Get behind the wheel of the best off-roaders available in 2023, thanks to Portage Cars. Whether you’re after mud divers or rock crawlers, we’ll find you the perfect partner for your next expedition. Visit one of our car yards today or browse our selection online to see our extensive range of vehicles. You can also finance a car in NZ with us to ensure that your new adventure comes sooner rather than later.   

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